Hasbro Playskool Rose Petal Cottage and Furniture

 I bought this whole set for my little girl on Christmas 2009. She has played with it very little and it is clean and in perfect condition.

The set comes with tea set*, stove, cradle, changing table, washing machine, sink, blow up table and stools with matching table cloth. These are vinyl and have a velvety coating. The house halves fit inside each other for storage. The sides and ceiling are cloth over a metal frame. The windows are mesh so when the house is closed up, it still gets plenty of air inside. It has a dutch door and a mail flap. You ‘can’ remove the fabric cover with Velcro.

Below are photos from the internet and photos of the actual set.

You must pick these items up. It will need an SUV, I don’t think it will fit in a car. Measures 42” by 37” by 18” (HxWxD)

Original prices were approx:

House with stove….. $290
Cradle & changing table….. $69
Washing machine….. $60
Sink….. $40
Blow up dinette table and stools….. $50
Tea Set….. $68 on Amazon?? No idea why, other sets are $10-$40
Corolle Mon Premier Calin Doll….. $28

Please go to
www.amazon.com and search “rose petal cottage” for confirmation of these prices.

I’m also including a Corolle Calin Doll in perfect condition, originally $28 http://www.amazon.com/Corolle-Premier-Calin-Charming-Pastel/dp/B000AM2L1O/ref=sr_1_1?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1354467525&sr=1-1&keywords=Corolle+Mon+Premier+Calin

I’m throwing in a bag of clothing to fit the doll (all clean) and a very cute set of child sized handmade oven mitts, chef’s hat and apron with a butterfly pattern.

  * we are still trying to locate the fourth piece of cake and the fourth spoon for the set.


This is over $550 worth of Christmas joy for a sweet little girl, quite a bargain.


I’m asking $300 FIRM for the entire set …  ***CASH ONLY PLEASE*** BUYER PICK UP





PRODUCT PHOTOS from the Internet

Corolle Mon Premier Calin Charming Pastel Baby Doll